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Our services at a glance

1.    Property for sale/purchase
2.    Property for rent
3.    Viewing Trips
4.    Financing
5.    Rental cars
6.    Transfer
7.    Insurance
8.    Technical service
9.    Interior furnishing
10.    Renovations
11.    Cleaning service
12.    Certified translations
13.    Assistance in court
14.    Assistance in customs matters
15.    Assistance in the Land Registry
16.    Flight tickets
17.    Yacht Charter
18.    Tours / Excursions
19.    Spa / Wellness Tours
20.    Health Tourism (Dental-/Eye health, hair transplants)
21.    Hotel rooms
22.    Hotel marketing consulting
23.    Building projekts of all types
24.    Event organization
25.    Website construction

1: Property for sale/purchase
We are an international institution which organizes not only findings of properties but specificially emigrations to Turkey as hole packages for foreigners. Rlax real estate is directed by Baris Tanriverdi, graduate real estate agent, hotel consultant and official translator German-Turkish, English-Turkish.
Our team includes members, who are qualified real estate agents and sworn translators (German, English, Dutch, Russian) in one person, which is unique in the ambient region Side/Manavgat, Alanya, Belek. With our experienced staff and our references a professional service can be guaranteed.
Our services range from arranging real estate visitations (as well as viewing trips,  see about item 3) about financings of  desired properties (see about 4) up to locally all-round service concering the move and everything in this regard (selecting furniture, getting registrated at the registration office, opening a bank account , setting up a tax ID number, etc. ... ). Even after the purchase, we accept by request of both the administration ( maintenance, ventilation , etc ... ) as well as the hire of your acquired property as an additional source of income for you. We are also interested in purchasing new objects and take your offers in this regard, please notify us.
Our selection of apartments, houses and villas includes objects in the territory of the Turkish Riviera (Side / Manavgat, Alanya, Belek), which are built at the highest standards and are covered by guarantees based on a value for money which is unsurpassable for the European area. We also guarantee the increase of our properties based on the statistically proven constantly rising demand of property values in the local area.

2: Properties for rent

Our properties for rent also base on European standards and are presented at unbeatable price-performance ratios, which are unpassable according to the European property market. The apartments / houses / villas can not only be used as a residence, but because of their holiday - home - character (pool and sea are standard ) also as base for a personalized holiday. It is possible to rent appartments in a condominium with similar characteristics of a hotel (including pool, restaurant, kiosk, gym, sauna and hamam, or to hire detached properties (villas / bungalows) near the sea.

3: Viewing Trips
To be assure of the quality of our objekts and their invironment, we designed the possibility of inspection trips.This is directly tailored to your needs and ideas without any pressure. We pick you up from the airport Antalya and take you to one of our objekts, where you can stay for a maximum of 4 days to enjoy it. Also we  show you other objekts in this area to find out if your dream house is here.   

4: Financing

According to Your decision on your desired property we take on its financing when required. That takes a proof of monthly income (which will be translated by our certified translators) and a deposit of 40 % of the purchase price in cash. We fix up the financing of the balance behalf of a Turkish bank, which can be paid off monthly by foreign accounts.

5: Rent a car

For those who do not want to miss their freedom during their stay abroad and look for moving freely to discover the region we provide rental cars. They offer you the possibility to move safe, inexpensive, well secured and easily to any of Your desired destinations.

6: Transfer

When required we organize Your transfer from the airport to any of your desired destinations (including the return) or transfers during Your stay in Turkey.

7: Insurance

After Your emigration to Turkey You don’t want to miss a reliable insurance. We assure You by request at a locally branch (life insurance, car insurance , liability insurance, etc ... ).

8: Technical Service

For Your recently acquired property take the advantage of our technical service (repairs on or in the house), which is available just on call.

9:  Interior furnishing

We take out all the stress of furnishing Your new appartment by offering You furniture packages suited for all tastes and budgets.

10: Renovations

We carry out renovation work of any kind to property of any kind.

11: Cleaning Service

For our objects or Your newly aquired appartment use our cleaning service (daily, weekly, before and after your stay) just on call.

12: Certified Translations

We are – unique condition for the local region! - not only qualified real estate agents, but at the same time also certified sworn translator for  English, German , Dutch and Russian. This particular qualification allows us independently to take over the  " total package" of Your emigration from the beginning without language barriers or other complications.

13: Assistance in court

Due to the fact that our team consists of sworn translators and lawyers, we are authorized to resolve legal matters of any kind without detours.

14: Assistance in customs matters

Our certified translators assist You in the import of automobiles, boats, etc., in import/ export operations of all kind and other general customs matters. Our wealth of experience in this sector allows us to offer You an uncomplicated and confidential service in the customs office without delay.

15: Assistance in Land Registry

Our certified real estate consultants and sworn translators are available at Land Registry matters of any kind, even when it comes to foreign real estate.

16: Flight tickets

We offer flight tickets on favorable terms from any source location to any desired destination.

17: Yacht charter service

Our company offers not only a yacht charter but also a yacht building service according to the same standard but to conditions 30% cheaper than in Europe.

18: Tours / Excursions

You can book tours of any kind going to the most beautiful regions of Turkey. These include, to name only a few tour destinations :

- Boat tours along the coast / or Mavavgat - river trip
- Jeep safari in the mountains
- River rafting on the mountain river
- Cable car trip to the top of the Taurus Mountains
- Bus trip to Pumukkale (natural , 35 degree hot springs in the mountains)
- Riding on a ranch
- Cultural Tours in the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos / or Kekova, Demre and Myra
-  Trip to Cappadocia
- Shopping Tours / carpet show

19: Spa / Wellness tours

In our supply there are also spa / wellness tours, either in beauty / relaxation ( beauty treatments, massage and relaxation treatments, sauna, hamam ) or healing / therapy (treatments for eczema, psoriasis, leech therapy of any kind, treatments against herniated discs / muscular problems, etc ... )

20: Health tourism ( dental and eye health, hair transplants)

Medical applications are generally less expensive than in Europe , but qualitatively very high in Turkey. Take advantage of our offerings in this area.

21: Hotel rooms

We offer a booking service, which allows you to book your hotel through us.

 22: Hotel Marketing

Our Services in hotel marketing range from hotel consulting, about reputation management, review management to online booking Engine.

23: Construction companies

We support and manage construction projects of any kind in the whole of Turkey.

24: Event organization

We professionally plan and execute events like weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, etc. ...

25: Website construction

On request, we create your personal website. Our professional programmers are
available for your individual projects.

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